Removing Unemployment amongst Engineers and MBAs :-

AICTE initiative for Engineers and MBA\'s

Points to Focus:

  • AICTE is doing research on how to enhance job opportunities for people especially managers and engineers.
  • It is also doing research on how to remove unemployment among the people. 

AICTE efforts to remove unemployment:

  1. Providing quality teaching, learning, efficiency to the students.
  2. There is a fix time limit so that the work gets done in that specified time.
  3. Better placement opportunities will be offered to the institutes having poor placement records.
  4. A retired professor of the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, has been hired to help in the task. Engineering, architecture and management are the subjects that will be covered.


Engineering graduates unemployment :

Madras HC Questions HRD Ministry

  1. The employment opportunities are decreasing day by day and the number of engineering colleges are increasing in comparison.
  2. Madras HC has directed the AICTE to file a report on the number of engineering colleges in the country.

AICTE Directs : to Display Accreditation Details on Websites

  • It is compulsory for all the technical institutes to disclose accreditation details as directed by AICTE.

The status on official websites of colleges will help the students to make the right choice while selecting colleges.