No. of students enrolled at NIT still as strong, govt to allot 100 crores for improvement of facilities

The scenario of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) is not much different than the other top engineering colleges in India when it comes to placements. Every year, over 80 per cent of the students at NIT, Srinagar get placed at multinational companies and save a great future for themselves.



  • of students getting enrolled in NIT still as strong as before
  • 550 undergrad, postgrad and PhD students enrolled every year
  • Central govt to allot 100 crores for improvement of facilities


Even though there were some clashes amongst the students in 2016, it made no difference to the college as a whole. In fact, the number of students that are getting enrolled are in the same number as last year, according to Director NIT, Professor Rakesh Sehgal. “In NIT, students hail from different regions of the country where the situation is different from Kashmir but does not affect what is happening inside the campus. Students focus more on academics and less time is left for them to concentrate on other issues as they keep their mind busy” he added.


About the logistics, there are 12 different departments in the NIT and every year 550 undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph D students are enrolled in the institution. “For the students of J&K, there is 50 per cent home quota and this institution has more than 80 per cent placement,’’ Sehgal added.

Talking about the placements, he also said that the the students are not offered the jobs by the companies on a platter, and there is an eligibility criteria that the students have to pass. Any student can be eligible for the company only if they have cleared all the seven semester examinations and have a grade point of 6.50 or more.

Other than this, the director added that the Central government recently approved Rs 100 crores for the improvement of hostel facilities, sports, and infrastructure under the Prime Minister Development Program.

He also admitted that the facilities provided in the hostel are not so good and do not have enough accommodation. He then added, “Now that the Centre has approved funds, we are planning to construct mega hostel with a capacity to accommodate 4,028 students. But the Land and Water Development Authority (LAWDA), that gives approval on such construction work, is yet to give nod.”

The ratio of the faculty and the students is still according to the old enrolment of students, and now that the students have increased, more faculties need to be accommodated so that the ratio of students and faculties can be matched.

Even after all these issues, the institute remains to be amongst the top engineering colleges in India and hopefully, will remain so.