Raise in paper standards: IIFT 2017 exam analysis

Aug, 24, 2021

IIFT 2017 has raised the difficulty level of the paper and also made the paper lengthy. There used to be four sections in the paper but this time the sections are raised to six. Although the number of questions in the paper are reduced from 123 to 114.

Here is a section wise analysis:

Section 1 (General Awareness) -

This section includes questions related to the general knowledge like what’s happening in sports, in country, in world and many other thing. This section of the paper is quite lengthy and time consuming.

Section 2 (Verbal Ability) - 

This section of the paper is based on the grammar part. The cut of in this section is around 2-3 marks. This sections examines a candidate’s English grammar.

Section 3 (Reading Comprehension) -

The passages in the paper demands reading by the student a multiple number of times. They are super lengthy and consumes a lot of time. The cut of in this section is around 3-4 marks.

Section 4 (Logical Reasoning) -

Compared to other sections, this section is quite easy. Although the cut off marks are around 3-4 marks.

Section 5 (Quantitative Ability) -

The difficulty level of this section is also quite higher. It includes chapters like Sequence & Series, one from Co-ordinate Geometry, and another from Functions. The cut off in this section is expected to be 3-4 marks.

Section 6 (Data interpretation) -

It is a type of section in the paper which adds to the difficulty of the aspirants. Questions demand healthy calculations. In this section also, the cut off is expected to be around 2-3 marks.