20% increment in the jobs offered abroad: IIT Bombay

Four students are offered a package of Rs 1.39 crore by microsoft for doing jobs in the United States.

The Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay as the name itself suggests is the well known and reputed institutes of India. Over the years, they have encountered good placement opportunities. As compared to the last year, there is a 20% hike in the placement opportunities abroad.

The first three days of placements proved to be very good for the candidates. 47 offers were made to the candidates for international placements. Also, 60 students are offered placement in the offshore companies including the pre placement offers.

Due to certain issues in the visa rules of the US last year, many offers were unrecognised. The number of offers for jobs in the US have increased and so is claimed by the placement team. Even if this year people face any difficulty in getting their visas, parallel offers will be given to the candidates in the domestic positions.

Along with the placement in the US, many Japanese companies are also getting into the scene. Some recruiters from Japan offered excellent packages to the students. They were Japanese manufacturing company Murata, IT giant Yahoo Japan, and IT company NEC Japan. This year, at least fifteen Japanese companies are expected to participate in the placement procedures.

Microsoft empowered other overseas companies this year by offering the highest pay package of USD 2.14 lakh, roughly converting to Rs 1.39 crore, to four students for positions of jobs in the United States. Global taxi-aggregator Uber ensured over exciting job offers to students for positions in the US.

Within the first three days of the placement, around 300 students, of the 1,600 registered for placements, have already been placed.