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say it loud-- NO TO SUICIDE

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College Mela is a team of qualified and trained people who help students to get them placed in the best college according to their educational qualification. We at College Mela aspire to build a network of smooth and direct communication between the candidates and the required colleges. We create a environment which is not hectic and help candidates have a easy to go procedure to apply for the colleges. What are the Benefits if You Associate With Us? We already mentioned above that, College Mela aspire to build a network of smooth and direct communication between the candidates and the required colleges; there are tons of benefits to get connected with us: 1. There are a lot of problems which occur because of the intermediate channels. With our help, the colleges and the candidates can have a direct communication. 2. The colleges can gain access to a large section of candidates when the students throughout the country will know about us. The pamphlets at the college gates create a strange chaos. With the help of us, this can be avoided and the applying procedures will be convenient and less irritating.

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Jawahar Kala Kendra, JLN Marg, Jaipur
07 February - 08 February 2018

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9, saket nagar, behind ks ford showroom, new sanganeer road, Jaipur. ( Rajasthan). 302019 India