St Joseph s Institute of Management

Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Affiliated with Society of Jesus
Avg. Tuition Fees
400,000 yearly
Last Date to Apply
20 Oct' 2017
  • 89.00%

At JIM, we look at Management Education differently. We do not just teach ideas and concepts about business, but we form the character of our students to help them become responsible leaders. The process we follow in forming leaders moves away from merely acquiring a body of knowledge and practicing a set of skills.We believe that formation of a business leader entails a development of personality – acquiring a clear sense of personal identity with social concern and personal values, connect organically with the society they live in. JIM concentrates on learning-centred management education. Everyone in JIM learns. Students, faculty, and staff are all learning communities. This learning is transformational. In that learning environment,we form leaders who are fired by passion, competent to resolve conflicts, able find innovative solutions to problems and responsible to the society and sensitive to nature. We want our students to go out into the world to make a difference in the lives of people. We want them to usethe learning they have had,the talent they uncovered, and the skills they have honed to make substantive changes in society. We do not want them to go out just to make profit and accumulate wealth. We desire that our students would become people who create value for society. That is why our academic strategies, born out of Jesuit ideals of higher education, aim at making ‘men and women for others’.We strongly believe that we can make that positive impact on our students. We promise parents that we envision a future for their children. Ask your son/daughter to choose JIM for their MBA. We assure our recruiters that our graduates will be responsible leaders who would make a difference in your businesses.


  • Boys Hostel
  • Girls Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • MBA 60