National Brain Research Centre

Gurgaon, Haryana Affiliated with AICTE


NBRC is that it would not only grow into a world-class institute for brain research but also create a vibrant, active neuroscience community by catalysing the overall growth of this discipline in the country. The expected benefit from this initiative would be the generation of skilled manpower in this important area of research who would help India achieve an international leadership in this frontier area of science. This initiative would also help Indian neuroscientists to participate in global research efforts as equal partners. The knowledge base generated from these efforts would help diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies for treatment of brain-related disorders. A unique role for NBRC is that it will act as a node with linkages to other centres carrying out neuroscience research in the country, acting in effect as the “hub of the wheel” rather than the wheel itself. Unravelling brain function is considered the last frontier of biology. Comprehensive knowledge of biology of the brain is essential to find cures for brain diseases and injuries. NBRC was established with a mandate to understand brain function in health and disease, and to train manpower for advanced neuroscience research. Towards this, NBRC has developed a strong interdisciplinary research program reflecting complexity of functioning of the brain at multiple levels of organization. NBRC scientists are working on determining how the sensory information is processed and combined with innate cognitive abilities so that we can function optimally in the world around us. Other scientists are building computational models to help understand this process. Groups of scientists are working to identify the cause and find ways to better diagnose and cure brain diseases such as dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, brain infections, and injuries to the brain and spinal cord. 

Placement Gurantee 80.00%


Avg. Tuition Fees

50,000 yearly



Last Date to Apply

30 Aug' 2019

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