Chennai, Tamil Nadu Affiliated with University of Madras
Avg. Tuition Fees
77,000 yearly
Last Date to Apply
31 Mar' 2018
  • 88.00%

  MEASI Institute of Management is affiliated to the University of Madras and a standalone Business School can easily be one of the fast growing not only in stature but also in giving quality education in Management. A Business School which has always set the Benchmark rather than surpassing them. MIM is a student driven institute. It taps the students’ skill and knowledge and feeds them with what they want. MIM prepares the students for the managerial leadership that will be expected of them in the coming years. They are inspired to lead and to be innovative and creative. During the students stay in MIM, we get them started on the path of leadership by providing the best possible resources and inspiring environment. In our MBA Programme we give an exhaustive series of stimulating workshops, lively seminars, guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs and by top corporate brass, and focused hands on exposure to corporate practices, where a student develops aptitude to think both logically, laterally and act rationally.  


  • Cafeteria
  • MBA 60