king college of technology

Tamil Nadu Affiliated with Anna University, Chennai
Avg. Tuition Fees
36,000 yearly
Last Date to Apply
20 Oct' 2017
  • 88.00%

It is a great joy for me to witness the rapid progress of this college within a short span of time. King Technology is known for providing eco-friendly campus, disciplined culture and techno-campus, using modern teaching-learning methods, and having effective training and placement records. I am constantly inspired by our management, which pays close attention to ensure the quality and growth of the institution, by our teaching faculty, who strives to monitor, mentor, appreciate and encourage each and every student to overcome their shortcomings and excel in their academic as well as personal life, and by our students, who are determined and committed towards achieving their goals. Focus of our educational endeavors lies on the following steps: a)making educational experience meaningful and enjoyable, b)entrenching the positive and never-give-up spirit in the hearts of every student, c)quenching the creative thirsty of the learners, d)offering co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for discovering and developing the hidden talents of our students, e)creating an environment for shaping their leadership, entrepreneurship and professional skills and aptitudes and f)preparing the learners to face the real world challenges. Thus, we are able to offer holistic learning experience for making the learners not only brilliant but also good human beings. As our predecessors, I am very much sure that we will continue this journey in the years to come by producing both intellectually and emotionally sound generation.


  • Girls Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • MBA 60