K S Rangasamy College of Technology

Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu Affiliated with Anna University Chennai
Avg. Tuition Fees
36,000 yearly
Last Date to Apply
30 Jun' 2018
  • 87.00%

The recent book, Global Crises, Global Solutions, edited by Bjorn Lomborg, Cambridge University press, 2005, lists Climatic change, Communicable diseases, Conflicts and arm proliferation, access to education, Financial instability, Governance and corruption, Malnutrition and hunger, Migration, Sanitation and access to clean water, and Subsidies and trade barriers as the ten most serious challenges confronting the world today. More over, sustainable development is the need of the hour. It means, meeting the needs of the present society, without sacrificing the needs of future generations. Due to LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization), we, the humans, the only among the species in the world with the 6th sense, have stated exploiting the world resources and polluting the world beyond sustainable limits. The world environmental report, 2005, has reported that minimum per-capita land area required for sustainability, with present level of energy use, is 2.75 hectares, but, what we have now is 2.2 hectares. We, being the scientists, engineers, and the management professionals, the creators of the heaven on the earth by way of scientific inventions and innovations, have the great responsibility in providing solution to each one of the problems. Understanding the responsibility, let us all work together to create a new and better livable world by learning good practices at KSRCT and implementing them in an ethical way. We, at KSRCT, provide six-dimensional teaching-learning practices, viz., IQ (Intelligent Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient), PQ (Passion Quotient), CQ (contemporary Quotient), and LQ (Lateral Quotient) which empower the students to go beyond boundaries as world class professionals.


  • Girls Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • B.TECH 60
  • MBA 60