K Ramakrishnan College of Engineering

Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Affiliated with Anna University Chennai
Avg. Tuition Fees
80,000 yearly
Last Date to Apply
31 Mar' 2018
  • 88.00%

The virtue of education lies in the quality. As education stands as the pillar of each and every citizen, over the centuries, educating students does not stop only with teaching. Quality education always targets to produce effective teaching of learning and ethics oriented practices are indispensable. To generate and elicit the knowledge, quality education provides the platform for success. Educational organizations should impart pleasure in learning and teaching for students’ progression and the skills of students are to be enlarged. KRCE is one of the ideal colleges which directs towards “Empower through Education”. The prominent goal of our renowned institution is to bring up remarkable students who can excel not only in the field of technology but in all the spheres. Students are being fomented to take to take put in various technical or cultural aspects. Our college caters enormous academic, technical and cultural activities. From the inception of the college we shape the behavior and character of the students. We put efforts to nurture the students’ leadership qualities, Managerial skills, organizational ability and entrepreneurship to become magnificent in career. Teachers’ guidance and their painstaking work enhance the students to involve in State level Seminars, Symposium, Paper Presentation and National level seminars and presentation and cultural competitions. Social responsibility, Morality and ethical values are also being taught with virtues. Spreading knowledge and updating knowledge will meet the students’ technical requirements. Our college infrastructure is scaling new heights in recent years and the college brags many unique facilities such as cafeteria, gym, Chat corner, ATM, Veg and Non-Veg canteens. KRCE eagerly discovers the talented students and strives hard to enrich their standards by conducting various technical and cultural events. Innovative teaching technology and creative teaching methods are involved to add flavor to sharpen the young minds. Teachers are contributing their skills and updating their knowledge to make the students bright. Our Organization emphasizes on advancement towards English communication and promoting the faculty members with good communication skill. The management feels immense pleasure to provide the quality education and we work together to fulfill the goal “Empower through Education”.

  • MBA 60