Ramanujan College DU introduced a diploma course for mass media students

Sep, 03, 2021

Ramanujan College which is affiliated with Delhi University introduced a new vibrant certificate course. It is a skill-specific diploma program or course in the discipline, mass media and Film Studies. This is considered the first diploma course conducted by the undergraduate colleges affiliated with the university.


In the previous month, the Faculty of Applied Science and Humanities approved the application for beginning a certificate course in Mass media and Film Studies at Ramanujan College, Kalkaji, New Delhi. So the college started the facilities to register or enroll in this course.  


The students who are interested to join the course can apply through the google registration form which is available on the official website of Ramanujan College, Delhi University. This is the link to the registration form: https://forms.gle/UXohtFqnUyjgXna9A. The students should remember that the last date of filing the application form is before September 5th, 2021.


The interested people can check out the official website of the college to know about the entire syllabus and curriculum of this diploma course. The course is online because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.


The course has wider significance nowadays. Digitalization, mass media, film studies are current trends of the world. So it is relevant to study various aspects of the same to get a bright future ahead. There are so many golden opportunities are waiting for the students who are dealing with Mass Media, Film Studies, and the field of digitalization.