Letter Dropped to CM, for Reopening of Schools in the Three States

Aug, 24, 2021

Letter Dropped to CM, for Reopening of Schools in the Three States


Letter issued to the CM following the reopening of schools in three states. IIT professors, doctors, and concerned parents have signed a format in the context of demanding the reopening of schools.


The letter demanded the formation of a task force for the reopening of schools. The poorer sections of the society find it harder to bear the loss of cost because of the closure of schools. An Investigation Report says research evidence proves that schools do not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.


Certain terms that are put forward in the letter include 

  • setting up a task force on an urgent basis, 
  • planning for the reopening of schools where the positivity rate is low,
  • consider the opening of pre-primary and primary before secondary schools,
  • vaccination priority for school staff and reduction of the gap between the doses,
  • small groups of students are to attend school once or twice a week,
  • school infrastructure to be upgraded from online to hybrid,
  • guidance under COVID appropriate behavior,
  •  ensuring appropriate ventilation.


Schools have remained closed for the past 16 months in India which resulted in a great loss in terms of learning and development. Therefore, schools should be reopened with safeguards as soon as possible. The letter also had supporting references with detailed reasons in Annexure A.


The letter also highlights the situation of other countries concerning India. Schools are open, either partially or fully, in almost 170 countries. France and Sweden were those few who did not close schools during the pandemic. UNESCO and UNICEF had stated that schools should be the last to close and first to open.


Vaccination in India is delayed. Only 13% of the adults of the eligible population are fully vaccinated in Delhi and 7% of the eligible population in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Countries such as the UK have decided to provide universal vaccination for young children. Till now, children under 12 are not given vaccination anywhere in the world. 


Professor Bhaskaran Raman who works within the department of computing and Engineering at IIT Bombay penned down the subsequent terms to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Delhi, and Karnataka. The letter was signature by the professor in support of his colleagues in IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, doctors, professionals, and parents from the states of Maharashtra, Delhi, and Karnataka.