K-12 School Proclaimed In-Person Education Opportunity by Inslee

Aug, 24, 2021

K-12 School Proclaimed In-Person Education Opportunity by Inslee


The emergency proclamation prohibiting the public K-12 schools in Washington was signed by Gov. Jay Inslee. It addresses the alarming educational inequities and mental health concerns among students. This proclamation was signed due to the failure of schools to provide opportunities in both remote instruction and on-campus, in-person instruction.


The following are the provisions of the proclamation.

  • Schools will be allowed to reintroduce students into the campus.
  • Schools are going to be expected to supply an in-person learning option.
  • These learning options must equate with at least 30% of instruction time by two deadlines mainly, a hybrid option for Kindergarten and K-12 students on April 5 and April 19.
  • Schools must also offer students a minimum of two days per week of on-campus, in-person instruction.


The proclamation aims to promote some in-person learning as part of covid recovery. This new order will require schools to offer a hybrid model of K-12 instruction. The hybrid model of K-12 instruction is a mix of remote and in-person teaching. The K-6 students must be allowed an opportunity for hybrid instruction by April 5. All other students must be given this opportunity by April 19. Even with this order, parents still have the option to keep their children at home if they prefer.