Jadavpur University initiates offline classes outside the college

Aug, 21, 2021

No more loss to the studies now, Jadavpur University initiates offline classes outside the college


The pandemic has affected all areas of life, especially the educational domain. With Covid-19 restrictions, colleges and universities were shut down to ensure the safety of the students. Till this time, the entire country followed online classes for the students to study and in some colleges and universities, virtual exams were also conducted.


In this situation, a new initiative has been taken by Jadavpur University to tackle the issue. A group of students along with professors are initiating offline classes outside the main gate of the university. Students are being taught in a range of subjects from August 9. This new teaching initiative will continue till August 13. The initiative to start offline classes outside the campus was inspired by Rabindranath Tagore’s open classrooms at Shantiniketan.


\\\\\\\"Why cannot the government restart colleges and universities with limited capacity? It is not feasible for everyone to study online. The government has opened pubs and malls and cinema halls, but why are the educational institutions not being opened\\\\\\\" said Mandal to India Today.


Students felt that the need of managing social distance is crucial for their safety. This is possible if they get a place where social distance can be well-managed. Some of them criticized the state government for disrupting their education. \\\\\\\"The education field doesn\\\\\\\'t get taxes like the entertainment and food industry. Maybe that is why the government is not starting classes. It is not feasible for a lot of students to attend online classes. The government should take a cue from our initiative and restart classes\\\\\\\" said Zulfiqar Ahmed, a 21-year-old master’s student at Jadavpur University.